Subyrod Gets a New Exhaust

Subaru WRX Performance Mod

Sup?  Time to update you all on Project Subyrod, my 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX.  I was getting really excited for Speed Week 2010, the Nugget Cruise in and everything that goes with being at Bonneville.  For Subyrod’s first trip to the Salt Flats, I felt an itch to have a custom axle back exhaust made for it, something that would turn some heads, maybe make my car fit in with all the old iron running around with loud exhausts.  It had to be on a budget.  I kicked around the idea and then dropped in at JDM Legends (See my Introduction Story of JDM Legends here) to see what Eric Bizek could weld up for me on a small budget.

Take a look at some in-process photos below of the custom exhaust work.  I was thinking of a few options, mild steel painted or stainless and 2.5″ or 3″.  We ended up going with stainless 3″ dia. tubing to match the rest of the exhaust system.  One way to achieve my budget was using some of Eric’s stainless scrap pieces laying around.

JDM Legends, custom exhaust, WRX

Here’s Eric Bizek of JDM Legends checking to see if this cut up axle back he had laying around was gonna work.  As you can see, its not like I had a stock exhaust before.  It just didn’t have style or sound.  That’s right, we’re going Mufflerless.  haha

JDM Legends, Subaru exhaust, custom

Now, while Eric was doing all the hard work, I was trying to not get in his way while I snapped photos of the rad Japanese classic sports coupes.  There behind Eric is a ’71 Skyline he just imported from Japan.  Beautiful car!

JDM Legends, Tig welding, custom one-off exhaust

Here’s Eric Tig welding the 3″ stainless steel sections together.  Eric does great work and like any fabricator worth his weight in steel is detail oriented.  The shop is tidy, has simple tools that get the job done with some enginuity.

JDM Legends, straight through WRX exhaust

Eric again checking the fit.  There was a lot of back-and-forth from the welding table to the car to check fit.  This view also gives you a view of the entire exhaust system.  Yep, no muffler.

JDM Legends, custom turndown

Diggin’ Eric’s welding face shield.  Die hard car guys rule!  So, here’s the turndown being finished up.  The color of the welds gives the exhaust a great look, really mechanical with the welds exposed.

JDM Legends, exhaust turndown, Tig welding

Eric and I were making sure the exhaust stuck out the bumper just the right distance.  I think we ended up taking a little off the long pipe.

stainless steel, straight pipe,WRX exhaust

The finished pipe.  What do you think?  Ready to rumble!

Speed Week 2010, Subyrod, Bonneville

So, here’s a finished view of the custom exhaust when I was arriving at Speed Week 2010.  Pretty subtle actually. 

WRX, straight pipe, custom exhaust

It’s angled straight from where it gets passed the rear end and exits at the bumper.  The turndown is definitely different, almost like a big turbo diesel truck exhaust.  The sound though is not so subtle.  I love it.  It’s pretty bearable cruising the freeway and becomes downright  LOUD during acceleration.  I’ll have to get a video of it so you can hear it.  haha

Thanks again to Eric at JDM Legends for the one-off exhaust and the steal of a deal I got on it.