Three Serial #1 Corvettes at Auction

I dig auctions. The easy part to figure out is that it’s a great place to see a CRAZY-good variety of cars with most of them in unreal condition, but there’s something else too. I dig seeing guys who can afford to buy them! Some of that’s jealousy, sure, but it creates DRIVE in me to better myself and keep working hard at MyRideisMe. Its also cool to see a guy buying a car that you know he’s always wanted and is going to treasure. (or turn and burn for a quick profit!) So here’s some info about the Mecum’s Bloomington Glold High Performance Auction. What would it be like to by the first Corvette produced in 1955, 1956 and 1957? Serial #1! The 1st ZR1 sold for $1M! How much will these sell for? Man, I gotta know! Here’s the press release from Cindy Meitle over at Car PR. LLC:

Rare Collection of Serial Number One Corvettes on Offer at MECUM’s Bloomington Gold High Performance Auction

“Only Collection of Sequential Serial Number One Corvettes Known to Exist”

Marengo, IL-April 14, 2008- MECUM has announced the sale of three Serial Number One Corvettes at the upcoming Bloomington Gold High Performance Auction June 27-28 in St. Charles, Illinois. The collection includes a 1955, 1956 and 1957 Corvette. “This is the only collection of three sequential serial one Corvettes known to exist in the world” says Dana Mecum.

The 1955 serial number one car was the first production Corvette serial001 1955 Corvetteto offer a high-performance V-8 engine. The 1956 serial number one car was the first redesigned Corvette produced by Chevrolet and the 1957 serial number one car was the very first high performance model Corvette to off the assembly line. The Corvettes were originally amassed in Rockford, Illinois in the late 70’s by Tom Harmer who identified the significance in collecting serial number one automobiles. In the early 80’s, they were purchased by Gene Morton. Having a great understanding for the unbelievable value of these three cars, he moved them to Alaska and protected them for years.serial001 1956 Corvette

Around the year 2000, the cars resurfaced in Prescott, Arizona and were purchased by Al Wiseman and George Swartz. Mecum comments, “Al and George have restored these three Corvettes to the highest Bloomington Gold standards and to the magnificent state they are in today”. The cars have never been entered or shown at the Bloomington Gold Corvette show or any other event since restoration. The three sequential serial number one Corvettes will be offered for sale as a collection.

About MECUM Auction

The MECUM Auction Company, with corporate headquarters located in Marengo, Ill., is in its 21st year of selling collector cars, specializing in Muscle Cars and Corvettes. In 2008, MECUM will host and manage 14 auctions across the United States and expects to sell its 50,000th car in the spring. The company is also featured in the action-packed MECUM Auto Auction: Muscle Cars and More! television series presented in HD TV on Discovery’s HD Theater.

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