Throttle Kings – Hospitality and Hot Rods

Hot Rod Friends at their Best

Victor’s 30 Ford Coupe Hot Rod, LA Roadster Show 2008

What do Hot Rods, cool Kustoms, the LA Roadster show and Octopus have in common? The Throttle Kings of Southern California.

In 2007 when was barely idling, I hit the LA Roadster show hard with cards and t-shirts to spread the word. That was when I first met Victor Busatamante. Victor listened about my dream of “Myspace for car guys” and offered a beer to celebrate that I was done jabbering. By that time, I had the pitch down, but even I was tired of hearing it. One beer led to another, then Victor and his buddies were making carne asada and fed me well. You don’t meet guys that generous every day. I was grateful for the hospitality so I loaded up the boys with t-shirts.

Oysters and octopus, that’s a party!

Fast forward 1 year to 2008. As Saturday at the Roadster Show was winding down, I set out to find Victor and his guys again. Not so hard, just look for the guys having the most fun! A little ways out, I found them. This year was no different then last. Everyone was having a great time, sipping beers and eating what? Oysters and fried octopus? I tried one of those little suckers too. Chewy.

1951 Pontiac Chieftain, custom pontiac sedan, Kustom


51 Pontiac PinstripingI got the idea to grab a picture of each Throttle King member with their car. For these guys, their rides do tell a story about their personalities. My Ride is Me. With every member nicer then the next, they each told me how they help each other out with their rides and if they’re not working, they traveling together to one of the MANY shows and cruises in the greater Los Angeles area.

It didn’t take long to notice I needed almost every letter in the alphabet to get their names! Bustamante and Kopis Georgakopoulos (Greek if you’re wondering), give you the idea. That’s Kopis’s 51 Pontiac Chieftain.

1929 Ford Roadster, Hot rod roadster, hot rods

Pinstriping on 29 Ford Roadster

Besides the cocktails and friendship, I also shot some pictures of Don Simm’s wife Doreen. That was my first chance to try pinup photography.

Doreen is a natural, now if I was a talented photographer… you can read that blog… Click HERE.

I hope to see everyone next year, or maybe at the Primer Nationals in Ventura.

Until then, here’s the Throttle Kings and their cars.

Thanks for everything!

See you next year.

1936 Ford Pickup, hot rod pinstriping, hot rods1947 Ford Business Coupe, hot rod ford1950 Ford sedan, custom 1950 ford, ford custom

Killer Spade Pinstriping

  • Victor Bustamante’s 30 Ford Coupe (Visit his garage)
  • Kopis Georgakopoulos’ 51 Pontiac Chieftain (Visit his garage)
  • Don Simms’ 29 Ford Roadster (Visit his garage)
  • Jim Ramirez’s 36 Ford Pickup
  • Paul Medina’s 47 Ford Business Coupe
  • Pete Rodriguez’s 50 Ford 2 door sedan