Tips for Detailing Your Ride – Keep it Clean!

Found a website called “Auto Fetish Details” and got to talking with the owner/operator (and I think also Janitor like me) about sharing some content. I’ve recently learned through another member and Ford Falcon wagon nut “Jsev” that detailing a car can make a near unbelievable difference in the paint, under the hood and interior. These guys are like magicians and are willing to do the hard work for you or give you the tips to do it yourself.  So check out the links below. There are alot of  “Before and After” pictures that’ll let you judge for yourself.
Auto Detailing - check out the shine on this Ferarri!
For other pictures of rides detailed to perfection, check out this link:
Auto Detailing Pictures
Next, here’s some Auto Detailing Tips
Learn some professional auto detailing tips to make your life easier!

Finely detailed Mercedes
See and read some insider tips of paint care from the car detailing expert

The seats even shine!
Learn professional tips of interior detailing and interior cleaning

Finely detailed hot rod Corvette
Finally, some classic car car tips.

What’d you think? Find some info you can use?  Please let us know in a comment below.