Wagons, Hatchbacks and Vans OMG Pancakes

I know, Pancakes right?  Crazy!!!  Just keep reading, you’ll dig it!

OMGPancakes blog logo with butter and syrup to boot

I know we have some wagon/hatchback/van aficionados out there.  Our own Pikesan owns 2 project wagons himself.

When I’m not blogging for MyRideisMe, I read other people’s blogs and enjoy their auto-passion, vehicular photography and car features.  One of the blogs I follow is OMGPancakes Blog.  It’s run by Marlon, or “Big Hindu”, a college student in Pennsylvania who has a big fat sweet spot for the people movers and grocery getters. 

I asked Marlon what’s up with the blog name?  OMGPancakes?  What the Hecht?  Well, there really is no one meaning, its just a wacky name that fits perfect for this wacky cool blog and the cars he features.  It’s pretty funky, you gotta give it up for that.  I mean, Pancakes?  Okey dokey!  Ha Ha Ha  You go Marlon!

OMG Pancakes FTW

Here’s crazy big Hindu doing some crazy monkey jump thing.  Ya, he’s even crazier about wagons and vans.  He’s been blogging for just over a year and his blog is growing every month. 

Enough about the man…Big H’s own wago-van-box-hauler-thing is a bright yellow Scion xB.  He’s a poor college student right now, so he’s slowly working on modding it to his tastes.  His style is his own perfect “MyRideisMe” flavor, where he builds his car to make himself smile when he opens the door and turns the key.  Respect!  Can’t wait to see what he has in store for it.

OMGPancake's own Yellow Scion xB at an Import Show

So, I’ve been following the OMGPancake blog for at least 6 months.  It’s on my google blog reader now.  Here’s some of my favorite cars he’s shown off during his first year.

 1980's Big Van Hot Rods from Japan

Ok, boom baby!  Check out this “A-Team” big van hot rod!  This van (and a bunch of other ones posted on OMGP) is from Japan, so it has some Japanese inspired touches, like the wheels and the super low ride height and the sideways drifting action.  But, its also sporting tons of American muscle, like a big V8 and “shop truck” inspired door logos.  So cool!  That’s MyRideisMe!

 1980's Corolla wagon at in import show in California

Ok, you guys know I dig stretched tires, low ride height, and stance on Japanese cars.  This 80’s Toyota Corolla wagon is spot on.  Those are wide steelies painted white with some sticky stretched tires for those mountain runs or drift sessions.  It’s sporting that signature angled exhaust and real low ride height.   I’m seeing lots of roof racks and custom bikes on top of cars.  I personally love this, as I have my own 50’s custom beach cruiser!

 Green, low and custom micro = OMGPancakes win!

One more for you!  This is a micro car.  Again, the asian car culture takes to these economical people haulers like Americans take to Mustangs and Camaros.  This little fella is Kermit the Frog GREEN, super low and customized.  Check out a few things I dug, the wide smaller wheels, the center exit twin exhaust (I bet those are from a bullet bike, ha ha0 and those vented and wide front fenders. 

I can dig these grocery getters?  Can you?  Lets us know below and go check out OMGPancakes Blog NOW!!!  We added it to our blogroll, its that cool!


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