What you’ve been missing at SEMA 2009…

As promised, we want to keep you guys in the loop of what we’re seeing at SEMA. Scroll down for a view of the SEMA 2009 convention experience as well as a few videos I was able to shoot! This post will be brief, expect much more content and explanation to come later!!

semashow pictures photos Factory Five new roadster
Check out the engine compartment of this Factory 5 + Amp=D 1933 Roadster…!?!

semashow pictures photos sema lambourghini in flat black
I think maybe this car goes fast, what do you think?

Me learning all about the unique design of Optima Batteries.

semashow pictures photos  shoes
After 5+ years stretching out the life of my old converse, I knew I finally needed to break down for a new pair. How weird it is putting on brite whites!

semashow pictures photos Avanti bling diamonds ruby
The “most expensive rims in the world” That’s right, for just $2 million dollars you can be rolling on these ruby encrusted beauties. And for more bling action, minus the gigantic cost, check out the next video…

One advantage of being one of the only “girls” around…for once in my life the men’s toilet had a line and the women’s did NOT!

semashow pictures photos powdercoating
Cool product…this company runs a line of metal-flake like powder coating! Not only could my engine block be pink, it could also be glittery! Sweet!


The coolest booth gimmick ever… House of Kolor custom-painted foot massagers. After walking miles of convention space, Becky Sue and I didn’t want to leave these chairs!

And like I said, this is just a tiny little glimpse into what Craig and I have been up to here at SEMA the past few days. We’re excited to bring you more details about what we’ve seen and learned! And for me… the show goes on. Friday I’ll be out at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch for some hands-on racing activities followed by the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational race on Saturday.

Keep em rollin’ my friends!
Happy Trails