World of Speed 2009: Salt in October

Bonneville Salt Flats: World of Speed Finals

Hechtspeeders at World of Speed 2007 in the Volk Bros #59 pit areaWorld of Speed 2009 goes down on the Salt at Bonneville Speedway this Wednesday through Saturday.  It’s the last event of the year on the Salt.  I’m hoping the rain we’ve been getting here in Utah doesn’t cancel it.  I’m planning to be there Friday to cover the action, snap lots of pics and get some Salt stories.  Here’s a pic I took from the last World of Speed event I attended in 2007.  This was actually my first time on the Salt and I was there with my oldest son (he was 4 at the time) and my dad, 3 Generations of Hechtspeeders!  That’s poppi checking out the Volk Bros ’29 Roadster as it sat in the 200 MPH Club Booth and my son giving a thumbs up!

See You On The Salt!!!

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