Wrecked Metal Hot Rods Video

Hot Rod Video from Idaho

Hot Rods Video

Give credit when it’s due.

I gotta say, I like taking pictures. Not just pictures of hot rods, but just about everything. And although editing takes some time, I enjoy it! For the pictures, recomposing them, making the most of the colors, zooming in or out… it’s fun and the end result’s rewarding. That’s not true for me with video. I hate editing video! For that reason, the few I’ve done aren’t much to look at. On the other hand, check out the handiwork from Josh Clason.

Josh tells us: “I had the opportunity to cruise up to Boise, Idaho a few months ago and meet with Matt Whitlock of Wrecked Metals. We had a great time shooting this over the course of 2 days. The cars and motorcycles Matt has put his touch on have been amazing.”

Josh first caught my eye when in his first trip to Bonneville, he shot this Bonneville Speed Week Video. The boy’s got skills! Josh, let us know what’s next! More on Josh at his home page: JoshClason.com/

Can you shoot video like this?

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