xB Marks The Box

A super clean Scion xB rocking wide low offset 16x9 miro wheelsSo, after much adieu, drum roll please….I choose 1st generation Scion xB!  I know, its not a ’32 Deuce Coupe or ’55 Bel Air, but its a car that I can customize, enjoy owning, put a smile on my face and fit all 4 of my boys to take to Car Shows.  It will give me more opportunities to get into the hobby I love, modifying our Rides.  So, with that, here’s to hoping this isn’t just the “Car of the Week” this week (its been  days since D day) and to the search in the classifieds for that good clean example to start modifying in about 5 months.  I’m excited!   Look forward to a blog about “xB’s of MyRideisMe.com” soon as well.  There’s a few other Box Lovers here.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on the xB and boxy cars like it, for example the Nissan Cube, Honda Element and Fit, even old school boxes like the 60’s Corvair van, the Ford Econoline and even VW Bus.