You Can’t Fight the Man: Hybrid Custom Falcon

When it comes down to it, there’s one universal truth. You can’t fight the man.


Oh go ahead and fight, my weary and simple minded friends, but you’re gonna lose. That’s why I’ve decided to stop fighting and get with America’s Program. Like most American’s, I don’t want a stylish car with features that make me feel good after a long day’s work… and I don’t need to tow my boat with a truck big enough to haul my family. No. I want a fuel efficient car and I don’t care what it looks like or what it costs.Falcon Wagon Custom that's about to go Green!


That’s why nobody wants to get the American economy running on green jobs more than I’ve decide to do my part to contribute to the new 27.3 mpg standard for new cars by making a change to my hobby and reduce my carbon footprint.


If you didn’t know, I’m building a 1963 Falcon wagon. I’ve always loved wagons for their sleek design and roomy interiors. I can take all my 2 stroke lawn maintenance equipment (my blower, mower and wacker too) in for service all at the same time!
So moving forward on my project while considering the inherent efficiency of the Falcon, I had a hard time choosing, but finally chose green (and damnit, it feels good!). Here’s my new powertrain. It’ll be stretch to convert this rear wheel drive car to front wheel drive to accommodate the hybrid engine and motor, but it’ll be worth it!toy_hybrid_engine When I bow to the man, I bow low.


I take great pride in doing my part for the environment because I have no idea where electricity comes from and I think that old car batteries are as harmless as a chromed fuel filler doors. When I see those “naked lady” silhouette stickers on the back of a Dodge Minivan, that’s not odd, that’s diversity. Celebrate it!


To celebrate that joyous feeling I’ll have while spending the next 18 years driving my Falcon at 5 below the speed limit to recoop the cost of this engine, I’m starting the new, “Hybrid of the Month”.


Come on all you hybrid fans! Send in those pics! Obama’s got “cash for your clunker” so you can turn in the aging classic that was your grampa’s first car to get a voucher for a personality-void rounded turd-on-wheels. God this is exciting!


How much do you love Hybrids? Don’t be shy! Next time those tree hugging Prius geeks pass you at 80 in a 55, just wave and say, “I’m with you brother” and give them the 1 fingered salute.


In case you haven’t figured it out… April Fools.