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January 7, 2008
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December 2, 2008 07:25
I had a 49 chevy fleetline deluxe areo-sedan. They have great body lines for led sled projects. Did yours have a 216 or 235 stove bolt when you started? Before the v-8 swap
October 28, 2008 11:24
SuperCruise 08 is past onto 2009 and the "Go Forward 50" Lowrider Project Thanks for everything MyRideIsMe!

Joe Kelly
April 18, 2008 15:49

August is coming fast. Winter still has a hold on Iowa but Spring has officially arrived. You wouldn't know it as we have experienced snow storms not that long ago. Tempratures still hover in the 40's up to the 60's. By August we should be looking good. Sponsors are hard to come by this year the economy is really hurting everyone in every walk of life. Participants are not jumping on board early this year as before. Participants seem to be following the sponsors and are in a wait and see mode wondering what the economy will allow them to afford to do for summer and already planning less and less activities for this year. There are so many charity events out there bidding for everyone's participation and funds so many that if the Charity is not Nationally or Globally supported and promoted we are less likely to gain support. The SuperCruise and SuperShow'n Shine means a great deal to me as I have lived the past ten years suffering from spinal injuries, disease, and crippling pain. Undergoing multiple surgeries, having hardware put in the place of bones, and discs having spinal cord stimulator implanted I am truly packing hardware, titanium plates,screws, and hardwired battery jump starter sending volts to my spinal cord a pacemaker for the spine so to speak. My last surgery with doctors,hospital,ICU, and all other charges totaled well over $600,000 and this was the fifth surgical procedure. Yet I am lucky I had health insurance and now Medicare as I am fully disabled to pay the majority of these bills but still I had to pay my percentage and I have lost my business, and in the process of losing everything else including my home to pay off all the debt incurred related to the failure and deterioration of my spine. Yet I am still grateful and still giving back for all the blessings I have received. I had hoped that Chip Foose and those at OverHaulin would catch my story and OverHaul my 50 Chevy themed upon the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation's logo and slogon. I want to lead the SuperCruise in my "Go Forward 50 Chevy" Low Rider Custom designed by Chip Foose. I have asked everyone I know and more to send applications in to TLC and Chip Foose at OverHaulin nominating me and my 50 Chevy for the show. But to this day nothing I only want to use the car to bring further attention to my story and to the Cause that I work so hard to promote. The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation will some day be the vehicle that funding for the discovery of cures to spinal cord injuries and disease such as what I suffer from will one day be found so I hold out every hope that a discovery will be found in my life time that will make it possible for me to live my life free of the pain that currently leaves me suffering and often bedridden. Any support that I could get from others across the Nation or even around the Globe to join our event by participating or to add their request to Chip Foose and OverHaulin nominating me and my 50 Chevy so that I can utilize the program to gain further promotion of our Charitable event and the CDRF would mean a great deal to me. I am working hard to keep my motivation and drive up and not lose hope or faith in others to participate in our event or sponsor the build of the "Go Forward 50" and our SuperCruise and SuperShow'n Shine Event Annually. Thanks for your time and I hope that you will find a way to assist
Joe Kelly
AKA: Cool Breeze
January 19, 2008 06:04
I'll be in touch with you when your event gets closer.