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February 20, 2010
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October 18, 2011 02:30
Woo wee have you got wild skilz! What is your regular job?
May 21, 2010 12:02
You done anything to this Rob?
March 10, 2010 13:38
March 10, 2010 13:23
Wow! Mr. Freeze, you got Car Skizofrenia (sp?) just like me, except you actually buy stuff. Can't wait to see this one done!
Mr Freeze
March 10, 2010 08:02
Olli Erkkila drew this ride check out his site, makes me want to build a Citroen.
March 10, 2010 06:51
Check the home page... this is cool! I'm updating the model now. I thought no more projects until you finish the COE?? hahaha!!
Mr Freeze
February 21, 2010 00:02
This is gonna be my first father and son colaboration with my 14 yr old.