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September 25, 2007
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March 11, 2010 00:09
That is awesome!!! Do you still have it? Any progress? Someone here on the north coast of ohio has a Chevy c30 (73~87 body) that employs the same basic principal, though I doubt it has interchangable beds. The fella used tandem axles with a huge amount of drop in the center that put the ramps about 10" from terra-firma. The first time I sah it I thaught they used a 4x4 and just left tha rear axle out of the equasion. Then thaught it must be riding on the suspension stops to sit that low... then realised what it was. It had a tire rack up high on the front of the bed as if it were built to haul a race car but I saw it doing duty as a wrecker.
March 3, 2009 23:17
Hello Mr Freeze, I found your Chevy COE Project. I think I would be A very Cool Truck when it is finished. Specially with the divarant Interchanceable rear sections.
How fare are you with the truck.?
Have fun Diedelson
February 18, 2008 11:48
Wow! That's even a lot cooler than I imagined!
Mr Freeze
January 30, 2008 00:59
My plan for this ride is fully interchanceable rear sections. Initially I will build a standard pickup bed and then a light duty ramp bed. These will be connected via two receiver hitches and an upright bolt mount. There will be a quick disconnect for the brakelines and a electrical plug.
January 4, 2008 12:34
Hey, I miss you bro! See you in April at Speedworld!
December 27, 2007 23:11
I took one of those and stretched it 38 in. and made it in to a crew cab. Then put it on a 1 ton chassis. The guy never finished it though.
December 17, 2007 02:25
I'm still waiting unpatiently! This will be real neat!
September 25, 2007 15:12
Holy Crap Rob! What's your plan for that thing?