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December 1, 2009
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March 23, 2010 03:56
Hi 72Ford, The seats are actually out of a 1991 Acura Legend and the frame was cut down a little to try keep it below the back window. And yes the center console was custom built. It wasn't easy but nothing on this truck was, GOOD LUCK WITH YOURS!
March 23, 2010 03:12
Hey, One hell of a truck you got there. Is that a custom center console? and what kind of seats are those? I hope you dont mind me asking, im re-doing the interior in my 72 and i want to keep a classic look but get new seats and rip out the old bench. Those look like theyre out of a mustang? or am i just way off?
January 18, 2010 22:56
Thanks Metalman!
December 29, 2009 13:36
That is one beautiful pickup man! Seriously top notch! Had a lowered step side in high school and would love another...thanks for the great pics.
December 7, 2009 09:09
Thanks All! for the positive comments I really do appreciate them. Glendale91 make sure to keep me posted on the build of your Dad's '68 Ford. If you have questions I know these trucks fairly well :-).
December 7, 2009 06:07
Looks good. I got a 68 Ford I'm restoring in memory of my dad it was his truck. That's real close to what I had in mind. Nice ride.
December 6, 2009 04:35
Nice, that's a beauty! Great stance and wheels too. Welcome to the site!
December 3, 2009 23:04
It took alot of years and money but it did turn out to be pretty cool thanks for the comment. :-)
December 1, 2009 10:09
looks like a beauty....=]
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