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I bought this car from a woman whom owned it in high school, upon going into college, gave it to her brother to store, but instead of storing it inside like she wanted, he stored it outside. It has a lot of rot, but not much rust. The door windows were broken out, and the car hasn't started in over 10 years. 

June 22, 2013
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July 15, 2013 23:30
I should be receiving all the legal info for my car today (title, reg, etc.)
June 24, 2013 08:18
I know of Kirsten, but have not yet met her.
June 24, 2013 03:45
Check these out:
June 24, 2013 03:44
Studebakers are cool! We've got alot of coverage because Grease Girl (aka Kristin Cline) has one and has been helping out at for a long time. Do you know her? Good luck with your project, please keep us posted.