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Upholstery Phase 1

April 21, 2008

One thing has been painfully obvious since I got my little metro, the upholstery and support in the seats sucks. As the metro is experiencing some thermostat issues, Ive decided to attack the upholstery next and began by tearing out both the front and back seats.

Now whoever reupholstered the seats before did not do a very good job. The cheap naugahyde was pulled WAY too tight and was tearing at every hog ring. Also the seams and folds were sloppy. So I start to take the pieces apart and set them aside to use as a pattern. Ive decided that after being a professional costume designer in my previous life that I would tackle the reupholstering job myself. A decision to which many respond with a skeptical "Really?!? Have you ever done it before?". Well, no, but after looking at the previous work, I cant believe that I could do worse. I actually am not doubting my skills as much as I am doubting the heartiness of my sewing machine.

Taking the seats out was no big deal and other than a few mummified spiders, there were no unexpected surprises....but when I finally get down to undressing the bench seat, I discover the original black and white hounds tooth factory upholstery! Fricken' Sweet! Even though it is tattered and torn and cannot be used, its still pretty cool to see this 50 year old fabric peeking out from beneath the padding. I cut out a small bit to keep and tossed the rest. As I look at all of the pieces at my feet I begin to wonder if Ive bit off more than I can chew, but "live and learn" right? After all, I bought this car as a "do-it-myself" project and how cool will it be to say that I did in fact "do it" for now, Ill keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.



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