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True story from my friend Dave [June 18, 2008] views: 1392 "I sold my truck a couple of days ago. I took a couple hundred dollars less than
I thought I should have, but it was a quick sale and I think the guy that
bought it will really ...
Upholstery Phase 1 [April 21, 2008] views: 1137 One thing has been painfully obvious since I got my little metro, the upholstery and support in the seats sucks. As the metro is experiencing some thermostat issues, Ive decided to attack the ...
Papas dont let your babies grow up to be suckers [April 6, 2008] views: 1138 Recently I recieved a coupon for a wheel alignment at a "brakes" shop for $40. My 2000 Tiburon was getting a bit shaky on the highway so I thought I would go in. As I dont have a ...
Meant to be mine!!! [March 20, 2008] views: 1095 I’ve always wanted a metro, but the desire had long been since forgotten, as I had always assumed that having an old car was a privilege reserved for retirees or people with a lot more ...