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True story from my friend Dave

June 18, 2008
"I sold my truck a couple of days ago. I took a couple hundred dollars less than
I thought I should have, but it was a quick sale and I think the guy that
bought it will really appreciate it. He was cracking me up. He's a ind... uh,
Native American from Window Rock and he kept talking about the truck like it
was a living thing. (in best Sitting Bull voice...) "She is a good one, this
truck. She has many miles left in her journey here". As he's running his hand
along the side of the truck where the accident damage happened he said (I kid
you not!) "This one has scars from battle but she is a strong one. She will
fight on". Or when he was listening to the engine "this one has a strong heart
and I think her will is to go on. Yes, she wants to come with me.".

Now how could I deprive him from owning a seasoned warrior like the Uck? LOL! It
was all I could do to keep from cracking up. I kept looking around for the
hidden cameras!"  


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