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Fuel leak repair

April 19, 2013
Fuel leak repair


   Jim has been out for Spring Break this week so I didn't think I'd have time to work on this little fix.  But, he had a couple of friends over for a sleep over last night and as long as I could hear them playing I could work a little in the garage.  They did fall silent for a while and I got curious. So, I looked for them and found them trying to download some Mario games on my computer.  I chased them off and went back to the garage to finish.


No amount of clamps would fix this.


    Last week, while I was working on the differential, I noticed a slight weeping in the rubber hose connecting the fuel line to the gas tank.  I had the tank out of the car and cleaned last summer.  I didn't think to have the outlet tube flared while it was out and place some kind of connector there to the new metal fuel lines I had put in.  I also have the filter there since I couldn't get it to fit along the frame behind the new electric fuel pump I had put in.  So as you can see, I rigged this little mess which came back to haunt me...






Dry Rot


    I had used standard fuel hose, which promptly rotted, even sitting there for a summer.  The tank only has about two gallons of the new fuel in it, but the new mixtures of Ethanol/Methanol was enough to cause rot and a leak.


I went to NAPA to pick up some special fuel injection hose and met a new guy there, Mike, who showed me a photo of his 1961 Dodge Pioneer he said was still in a garage in Idaho or somewhere out there. I told him that was real Rock-a-billy and he said he was probably going to leave the surface rust look on it for Rat Rod style.  We were instant friends.  He set me up with new Fuel Injection Hose and special fuel injection line clamps to replace the standard worm drive clamps.  Thanks Mike.


Rubber crud in the gas that drained from the tank.

Piece of Rubber from the fuel line



"Fuel injection system clamps are designed to provide uniform sealing pressure required on fuel injection hoses. They feature solid, rolled edge bands with a special nut and bolt tightening design" 

Beautiful new fix.  


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