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Gold Dust Days Car show 2013

July 29, 2013
Gold Dust Days Car show 2013
Ford Model TT Stake Bed truck.  1920's 

This Saturday was the 7th Annual Gold Dust Days in Gold Bar WA.  It was hosted by the Rat Bastards Car Club so we went to see some rat rods, but they also had a lot of other events for the kids and some pretty nice street rods.  There was only one Studebaker Lark that was converted into a dragster.  I took photos of it and the rat rods with my Mamiya 330 TLR film camera, I'll have to wait a week or so to get those photos back from the lab.  However, I did get my digital Canon back from repair after I dropped it at the hardware store, and had to test it out.  I'm still playing with HDRI so we all agreed to this Ford Model TT as my test run with my repaired camera.  I took a whopping 12 exposures to merge and the above is the results.  I think the shadows on the grass look a little odd but overall it was a fun truck to shoot and play with in photoshop.  



My son standing in front of a 1914 Mac Truck


  We saw this truck on Hwy 2 just outside of Sultan on the way to Gold Bar. This 1914 Mac Truck body and frame sits as yard art for someone making wood sculptures and glass garden flowers.  Jim was really interested in taking a look so I pulled over and asked the guy if we could take some pics.  He was really nice and told us it was a 1914 Mac truck.  Probably from the old logging days in this area.  After seeing all those rat rods today, my son Jim was sure you could resurrect it as a rat rod.  Besides the engine being missing, it was rusted through and through, however, it was certainly worth inspiration for a 10 year old boy.


Some glass yard art made from vintage door knobs and dinner ware. 


Studebaker Update:








I've had a couple of challenges these last few weeks on the Silver Hawk.  I thought I was ready to take it to get front and back windshields but I couldn't get the car started.  I kept thinking it was something in the fuel lines as the float bowl was flooding in the carb.  After taking the needle and seat out, voila, a small piece of rubber hose was stuck in there.  However all the false starts before that gummed up the sparks with too rich a mix and bad adjustment on the carb.  Since these plugs weren't the right ones anyway, Champion H12 not H18, I replaced them with Autolite 456s.  I also checked the distributor, points and rotor, I cleaned them up and replaced the ground wire that looked really worn.  I took my daughter, son and sister for a ride around the block a few times to test it out.  Everything seemed to work great, except the Ammeter shows its charging too high and there is a whistle in the choke.  I'm still taking it to get its windows on Monday, then I'll be replacing the generator with an alternator. I'll just have to live with that whistle for a while.  


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