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Windshields keep the bees out, go figure!

August 19, 2013
Windshields keep the bees out, go figure!


 There have been quite a few hurdles getting my windshields into my car.  I have the rear windshield but some of the stainless trim is bent and I didn't have a front windshield, nor rubber seals.  I was able to locate a used front windshield and old stock rear seal.  I ordered a new front seal and took my stainless to Fenders and Fins (F&F) to straighten out.  However Murphy struck and John at F&F had an accident. He is OK, but healing. So I located a set of straight front window trim and purchased that instead of having the originals fixed.



  I then had to wait past a few rainy days before I could drive my car about 10 miles to Maltby Auto Glass in Maltby.  While I was waiting I replaced the old generator with a new alternator and bypassed the apparently new voltage regulator.  The generator was a rebuilt generic unit which should have been working but the ammeter just wasn't indicating proper charge.  I guess I could have replaced them both instead, but since everyone is doing it, alternator for generator I thought I'd go with the trend.





  Finally, in between car shows, vacations, and other cars in the window queue it was my turn.  I had my daughter drive behind me on side streets to the window shop to watch my brake lights and indicators, she said they are pretty dim in full sun.  The drive was overall uneventful, considering no power steering and all drum brakes. It shifted pretty well, and my choke is whistling.  The only mishap was a bee that flew in through the missing front windshield and stung me directly in the neck.  I saw it coming also.  I thought at first it was a stray rock from the road, but when it changed course over my hood and aimed for me, I knew there was no getting away.  The last time something like that happened I was on the back of a friend of mines' motorcycle on Mullhuland in L.A. when I was a teenager.  A bee flew into my bra, I got him to pull the bike over to the side of the road, and he watched helpless as I stripped in front of him to get the bee free, but it was too late, it had stung me in a most private place.  He was a perfect gentleman about it, but I can't imagine (well, actually I can imagine) what he must have been thinking.


    It took John at Maltby three days to install the windows.  He said the front went in pretty well, but the older seal on the back gave him trouble and it cracked in spots on the inside. Only a cosmetic issue, and when I looked at the condition of my rear windshield which was pretty scratched up from age, I figured we'd give it another go in a few years when I find a replacement window, or get this one polished.  In the meantime, it all looks great, though neither of us is completely sure about the configuration of the trim. He put it on as only he thought it would go, and to be honest, I can't remember how they were exactly when I first took them off over 10 years ago.  But, it is all secure and I can drive the car on the roads, although, I did find out that a windshield is not legally required in the state of Washington on cars manufacture before 1938.


RCW 46.37.410

Windshields required, exception — Must be unobstructed and equipped with wipers.



(1) All motor vehicles operated on the public highways of this state shall be equipped with a front windshield manufactured of safety glazing materials for use in motor vehicles in accordance with RCW 46.37.430, except, however, on such vehicles not so equipped or where windshields are not in use, the operators of such vehicles shall wear glasses, goggles, or face shields pursuant to RCW46.37.530(1)(b).

     (2) No person shall drive any motor vehicle with any sign, poster, or other nontransparent material upon the front windshield, side wings, or side or rear windows of such vehicle which obstructs the driver's clear view of the highway or any intersecting highway.

     (3) The windshield on every motor vehicle shall be equipped with a device for cleaning rain, snow, or other moisture from the windshield, which device shall be so constructed as to be controlled or operated by the driver of the vehicle. After January 1, 1938, it shall be unlawful for any person to operate a new motor vehicle first sold or delivered after that date which is not equipped with such device or devices in good working order capable of cleaning the windshield thereof over two separate arcs, one each on the left and right side of the windshield, each capable of cleaning a surface of not less than one hundred twenty square inches, or other device or devices capable of accomplishing substantially the same result.

     (4) Every windshield wiper upon a motor vehicle shall be maintained in good working order.



   I've been invited to bring my car to the XXX Car show August 31st. So this week I'll be working on a final to do list to see how far I can finish things up for its debutant debut. 


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