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Primer Podcast interview with Craig Pike!

July 2, 2013
Primer Podcast interview with Craig Pike!

Thats right, we collaborated on the hottest day in the nation to work a Skype interview with Pikesan, the creator of this here website which houses loose nuts and bolts like ourselves.

Seems we all have something in common and also have a creative gene which somehow makes us strive for a finished ride or project. At least that's the main objective until we find out how much its going to cost along the way, but hey, its the journey with which we learn and without that, we'd all be lost.

Craig's a gearhead and doesnt have any problem getting the hands dirty and like most of us, we have other obligations and responsibiilites such as family.

Check the podcast interview here.


or on iTunes. Episode #91.

And yes, IT'S FREEEEEEEE!!!!!





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July 2, 2013 12:03
In the rare chance someone wants to hear my voice... haha... thanks guys! (you should be able to edit this and place a clickable link, right?)