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About Me

September 3, 2007

I consider myself a Experimental Photographer, I love to shoot what I find interesting and not just one thing or subject.

Born in northern Cali (1968) and raised in Anchorage, Alaska and now residing in Scottsdale, Arizona. I am a residential solar system designer, electrician specializing in lighting controls and automation, and a part time student. I use to run two on-line gaming servers for Unreal Tournament 99 and 04: Fragmistyk [Dead_Again or Dynazty ROK]. But now I'm into Photography, I bought a Olympus C8080 WZ the Summer of 2005 and in Summer 2007 I got the E510 and in the spring of 08 I went to the E-3. I love the great outdoors, Cars, Trucks, Bikes (mainly Choppers), and my line of work, they all give me a great canvas to work with. I also try to live for the environment - living a sustainable lifestyle - reduce, reuse, renew, recycle, & A big 80's Hair-METAL fan ....\,,/

Dog is my Co-pilot!

Thanks for stoping by for a visit....ROK-ON...

My Gear:

35MM Budweiser Can
Nikon coolpix 5200
Olympus C8080 WZ
Olympus E-510
Olympus E-3
Zuiko Digital 11-22mm f1:2.8-3.5
Zuiko Digital 14-40mm f1:3.5-5.6
Zuiko Digital 40-150mm f1:4-5.6
Zuiko Digital 50-200mm F2.8-3.5 SWD
Olympus FL-36 Flash
Manfroto Tripod and head
Lowepro dryZone backpack


Please check out my Favorite Links to find more of my work.


Paul G. Swanson


If it Moves, I Shoot!!

Keep the pedal down..........................CYA!!


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