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I'll never buy Champion Spark Plugs again!

May 6, 2013
I'll never buy Champion Spark Plugs again!

My roadster sounded like it wasn't running on all cylinders. When an 8's running on 7, you can sometimes miss it at idle, but when a 4-banger's on 3, you can't miss it! So I decided to check the spark plugs... took out the first one, "SNAP!" Oops, I blamed that one on myself. Wasn't paying close enough attention, had the socket on crooked or something, right?? Nope.

Next one, snap... next, snap... All for plugs broke when I took them out. That was NOT my fault. Luckily, I had some old Autolites from a previous tune up. I put them in and the miss was gone and just to make sure it wasn't me, I took one back out. NO PROBLEM!

So, here's the carnage. 4 of 4 broken plugs. Never again.


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March 17, 2014 13:39
Wow! I had the same thing happen to me on a '72 GM 250 inline 6 with champions! Probably 5 months ago. I'll admit I didn't want to pay a bunch for plugs, but I mean champions good right? Wrong. Went to install them and snapped two haha. Took them back and bought two autolites. It's like they're made out of compressed powder or something. I vowed to myself that day... never again.