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Hold Your Dipstick

May 6, 2013
Hold Your Dipstick

There's an embarrasingly long list of stuff I've been meaning to do to my roadster. Never enough time in the day, I guess. Or maybe just not on the top of my list of importance?

So I finally got around to one! My A/T dipstick has been sorta flopping around or held sorta in place by a zip tie for way too long. Not anymore.

I cut a thin piece of sheet metal, then gave it about 1/4 twist, then welded it to the dip stick. Came out all right... woulda been better if I wasn't such a terrible welder. I need to learn how to gas weld for little things like this!

But she ain't rattling around anymore!
I also bled the brakes and got the trans all back in and ready to go. Found out the cooler lines just barely visible in the bottom left corner are leaking. That's probably where it's been leaking the whole time! Oh well... next weekend.


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