View MoreI'm having some trouble on the page, what's up? is still finishing Revision 1.0 of the site.  Thanks for your patience!

View MoreHow does the home page work?

The main feature of this site is the User's Garage that each member has. You can get to a garage by clicking on a member or their ride. You can see details for all of that member's rides, including photo galleries, step-by-step instructions, build journals, etc. Now click on a featured ride and start exploring.


View MoreWhat can I do in my Garage?

Check out these pictures.  They'll show you all the functions available in your Garage.  Let us know if you have any other questions.  Remember, this is how your garage looks only when you're logged in.

Garage Help 1 

Garage Help1


Garage Help2

 Garage Help 2

View MoreHow do I add a member to "My Crew"

Make sure you're logged in, then it's easy!

Watch this video to see how it's done

Add Member to your Crew


View MoreHow do I add a "Cool Ride" to my Garage?

It's simple!  Follow this link for a video showing exactly how to do it! 


How to add a ride to my "Cool Rides" 


View MoreHow do I change my Name, Password and Email Preference?

It's easy!  Click on your member name in your Garage when you're logged in.  Here's how it looks:

Change my Name, Password and Email Preference

Change my Profile

View MoreI can't remember my Username or Password

You can now reset your password.  It will be mailed to your registration email address.  Nobody at MyRideisMe knows your password, so we have to reset it when you ask for it. Thank you!

View MoreI need help arranging my pictures

The easiest way to show you is too look at a few other pages:  Check out users "Pikesan" and "Napalm"  we're the founders!

Click here for Pikesan 

And Click here for Napalm

Here are some pictures of what you see in the garage:

Add custom Gallery names, reorder and edit my galleries:

Manage my gallery 1

How to change the descriptions for each picture and reorder the pictures:

Manage Pictures Descriptions and Reorder

View MoreAdd or change your avatar

Simply log-in to your garage and click on your avatar. Then find the picture you want to use and load it.  Don't worry about sizing it, will do that for you!

View MoreWhat the heck is an AVATAR?

An Avatar is a picture of you or most likely your favorite Ride.  It can also be just about anything that's not offensive or in bad taste.  Please, no bikini models, unless it's you!

Here's the avatar for pikesan, one of the founders of My Ride is Me:

 (I'm alot better looking in person)


Your Avatar will show on the home page as "New Members" or  "Last Updated"

View MoreWhy isn't my picture on the home page under "New Member"?

Your picture will NOT appear on the home page until you load an Avatar. 


To load an avatar, simply click on the picture shown:


You can change your Avatar at any time!  Just click on it and load the new picture. 

Don't worry about making the picture the right size!  My Ride is Me does that for you!!



View MoreWhat new features should we add?

What should be the next new feature to add to MyRideisMe?

email us at admin at (replace "at" with @)  Thank you! 

View MoreRegistration won't take my zip code!

I'm sorry to say we've heard this before.  Currently, the zip code or postal code is required to be ALL NUMBERS!  To get past this, put in a FAKE zip code until we get it fixed.  Use 99999 so we know to email you when it's fixed.  Thanks for you patients!

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