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"SS panel wagon"     1972 Chevrolet Vega

Introduction / Overview: this was my first car , and we used 2 other vegas to build it , and fix minor common vega  issues , i had alot of fun in it , its amazing how much abuse a stock vega gt motor , i spun the motor 6500-7k on a regular bassis 
Drivetrain: stock 140" gt motor , i did add a header , 2 1/4" exhaust , offy dual port intake , and holley 5200 series progressive2 barrel , 4spd saginaw trans from a V8 monza spyder ,
Chassis: V8 spyder front and rear spings , front and rear sway bars , lakewood slapper bars
Wheels and Tires: pontiac astre snow flake wheels
Body & Paint: dupont imrom paint , custom tinted medium blue and silver blue , GT hood stripe , and matching deck stripe , window panels painted the silver blue , with body color bow ties, body colored wheels , sun roof
Interioir: stock GT dash with tach and 130 speedo , black interior , 6" thick foam bed in the back 
Lifestyles: Hot Rodder