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Builder, Restorer, Old-School, Build-It, Drive-It, H.A.M.B., Low Rider
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"Tunaboat"     1965 Chevrolet Impala

Introduction / Overview: Just an old Impala, first car I've built. Finished it in two months in 2004 starting out as a beater and evolving into something a little nicer than we had in mind originally. Body work is amateur, hope to rectify that the next time around.
Drivetrain: 283/4 speed
Chassis: Stock fullsize Chebby minus a couple of coils out of the springs.
Wheels and Tires: Supremes and Goodyear thin whites        
Body & Paint: Not bad from 20 feet... er, War Bonnet Yellow.
Interioir: Stock black, bench seats
Lifestyles: Builder, Restorer, Old-School, Custom Rodder, Build-It, Drive-It, H.A.M.B., Low Rider