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"Metrosxl"     1959 Nash Metropolitan

Introduction / Overview:

Hi! My name is Amber, Im 31 and residing in Surprise, AZ. Im a science teacher for the time being, but going back to school to become a nurse practitioner. I think cool cars/motorcycles runs in my blood. My grandpa was a "car guy" and my dad has had a long list of cool old cars and took his turn working on motorcycles when he was younger. He even sold his '55 Chevy to pay for me to be born (a debt I am still trying to pay off). When I was a kid, I vividly remember riding on his motorcycle or in the super beetles and dune beetles that he worked on. Even then, I knew how cool those rides were. Now he has a '76 bright orange 280Z. This past xmas I surprised him with a bright orange powder coated valve cover so he could show it off a a little more. I look forward to parking next to him at a few car shows in the future.     

This is my first project, and YES Im doing the work myself.....From the moment the garage door opened I knew she would be mine! She needs a little help but the body is solid and it's perfect for a first time emerging gearhead chick like myself. The final result wont be your grandma's sweet little metro, in fact I plan on making it into a little badass that even the boys will say "right on"

Drivetrain: All original BMC B-Series 1.5 Liter, 4 cylinder, 3 on the tree transmission, independent front and solid rear axle
Chassis: Unibody chassis construction
Wheels and Tires: Four original hub caps, white wall tires, and 3rd coat factory spec colored rims for now....
Body & Paint: Third coat, restored to original factory spec colors for now...
Interioir: New interior coming soon....
Lifestyles: Restorer