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"Avenger GT"     1962 Porsche 356

Introduction / Overview:

Take a wrecked Cabriolet and a Fiberfab body... combine and here is the result. "THE GREEN AVENGER" It doesn't get much more Outlaw than this piece...

Porsche Purists I dont want to hear it. This was built when it was no sin to cut up a wrecked Porsche for a donor...

Drivetrain: 1600 Super
Chassis: Combo of Porsche, some VW, and tubing, 356 front and rear
Wheels and Tires: Old American Wide Fives and Brand new Mastercraft "Avenger GT" RWL Radials
Body & Paint: Old Green paint that has held up for over forty years... Vette tail and parking lights
Interioir: The Hides of Black Baby Nauga's, Lots of loop pile carpet and tuck and roll baybee...
Lifestyles: Build-It, Drive-It