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"Go Forward 50"     1950 Chevrolet Master Deluxe

Introduction / Overview:

The "Go Forward 50" Lowrider Lead Sled Project....

It is my hope to have my 1950 Chevy built by Chip Foose and the OverHaulin "A Team" as seen on TLC. The "Go Forward 50" is my own 50 Chevy Deluxe 2 dr. Sedan that I would like to have built designed and built by Chip Foose and themed upon the logo, design, and slogan of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and Christopher's own Words of Inspiration "Go Forward" As I have suffered with spinal injuries, disease, arachnoiditis, peripheral neuropathy and chronic severe pain of these conditions and injuries that has kept me bedridden and unable to live a normal life for the past ten years or more. After five spine surgeries I am able to walk limited and with the assistance of a cane for support I have continued to try to improve my condition in any way that I can. I have sought out new medications and treatments through this search I discovered the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. I have gathered a great deal of inspiration and motivation from the story of Christopher Reeve and from his words I have found strength that has enabled me to push myself to reach further and strive harder to stay on my feet and do more. I also have learned that I have much to be grateful for. Things can always be worse so I try to always be positive and thankful. I have also learned that Giving Back is the quickest and fastest avenue to true Success in life. With that I hope to utilize the Go Forward 50 to further my mission and the reach of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation by touring the Country with the "Go Forward 50" with your help writing, calling, e-mailing and contacting Chip Foose and the producers of the television program OverHaulin this all could be possible. Please assist me in my quest to have the Go Forward 50 built and raising awareness and funds for the Foundations.

Drivetrain: 350 Chevy egine with 700 trans
Chassis: slammed and bagged
Wheels and Tires: Foose
Body & Paint: Foose Lanzini
Lifestyles: Old-School, Build-It, Drive-It, Rat Rod, Low Rider