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"Puff the magic waggin"     1991 Chevrolet Caprice

Introduction / Overview:


My 91 Caprice Wagon.  I have had it for 6 years now and have done everything to it myself other than the dash wrap.  It isn't pretty, it gets the job done, and I drive it everyday.  it got its name because of the worn and dry the valve guides.  It smokes like a James Bond smoke screen upon start up.  She is getting tired, but still kickin.

Drivetrain: Swapped in a 350 and junked the 305.  700R4 trans.  273:1 rear gears (horrible in the city, but makes it a freeway flyer).  Opened up exhuast with a 2.5 Flowmaster Super 44.  Electric fans, intake and minor things to free up some power and mileage.
Chassis: Bagged. Lays frame.
Wheels and Tires: Black steelies now.  On the hunt for some new shoes...
Body & Paint:

Shaved door handles, shaved tailgate and trim.  '06 Buick Lucerne port-holes, 94 Buick Roadmaster front sheetmetal and plastics.  White primer with black scallops.  Pinstriped with a pinup airbrushed on the tailgate.

Interioir: Custom white vinyl wrapped dash.  The rest is a combination of stock pieces from other cars.  Caprice sedan front seats, roadmaster door panels and center console with sir switches tucked inside.
Lifestyles: Builder, Old-School, Build-It, Drive-It, Show Cars