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"63 Cadillac"     1963 Cadillac DeVille

Introduction / Overview: This six-window Sedan DeVille is my first car, which my dad bought for me off a street corner in 1987.  We worked on it together for three years (until I was old enough to drive) and then I took over the expenses (more or less...)  It sat for a few years after high school waiting for an engine rebuild, then hit the road again with my little sister at the wheel for two years.  We sold it to a man in California in 1999, where it remained in limited use (mostly storage) until 2007 when I bought it back.  The exterior looks about the same, but the interior took a pretty good hit due to sun exposure. 
Drivetrain: 390 V8 (one-year engine--last year for 390 displacement, first year for combo aluminum front cover).  Jetaway dual-coupling four-speed hydramatic.
Chassis: GM-corporate "X-type" chassis, used on many platforms during the 1960's.  However this car has a front upper a-arm, lower control arm and strut rod, vs. the double-a-arm arrangement on other GM cars at the time.
Wheels and Tires: 15" steels (what else?) and Cadillac brushed stainless hubcaps.
Body & Paint: questionable bodywork done piecemeal over 30-year span, though the color remains original.  Chrome, fender skirts, and glass are all original.

Back in those days, Cadillac had so many build combinations that it is rare to see two cars with the same interior trim and color.  Mine is the DeVille 62-series baby-blue leather/brocade combination

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