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"The T"     1923 Ford Model T

Introduction / Overview:

  I built this car myself, so if you see any mistakes, you can just blame me. Still working on it right now.  I plan to get it on the road in the spring of 08. I even made the steering wheel and radius rods. 





1978 Ford Pinto engine is bone stock with and Esslinger manifold and IDF Weber Carbs.  I got into an arm wrestling match with Jerry Stahl and beat him 2 out of three  so he would custom build me a set of headers.  I had to weld them up but he bent up the tubing.  It's got a C-3 trans and a 74 Ford Maverick 8 inch rear end.  I even cut the drive shaft myself.  The radiator is a 65 Mustang V8 with air one I got from O'Riley's Auto Parts. The front axle is a Model A I found at a yard sale for 15.00 dollars.  The front brakes are Superbell with Metric calipers and Dodge rotors on 37-41 Spindles from Speedway.  I built the radius rods myself from 7/8 DOM tubing using the Total performance design. 

Chassis: I built the chassis myself with an old Lincoln AC buzz Box welder out of 2X3 rectangular tubing.  It tapers from 23 1/2 inches in the front to 30 inches at the rear.  There was a reason for doing that..........I won't get into it now.  I used deminsions from Total Performance, Speedway, and CCR and mixed them all up to get what I have.  Total performance rear shock mounts and Speedway front spring perch.  Front Spring is a TSC trailor spring with two leaves removed.  I built the transmission crossmember the radius rod mounts and the motor mounts. I was given a Corvair steering box and got a stainless steel steering column from Speedway for Christmas last year...(What a good Wife)
Wheels and Tires:

5 x 15 front Smoothies from Coker in the front with Goodyear tires.  Rear is going to be 8 inch smoothies from Coker as well.  I haven't gotten them yet, just stuck these on to move it around while I was building it. They are the right size, just not really into mud grips for the T ........

Body & Paint: Still not done yet.  Got a lot to do.  The body was new but is going to require a lot of work to get it ready for paint. I got it from Spirit Industries in Mountain Home Ark.  The track T Nose is from Speedway and I still haven't gotten the Grill for it yet.  Maybe this Christmas.......I'm not looking foward to the body work............Still thinking about that article I read about the guy that painted his car with a roller........sanded it out and buffed it and it really looked good........?????
Interioir: I am still working on the wood for the interior.  There again, I have done it all myself, and plan to do the upholstery as well. (me and the wife) It might not come out looking great, but maybe it will be reasonably comfortable.
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