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"The Jalopy Truck"     1928 Ford Model A

Introduction / Overview:

Forties style jalopy truck built with mostly old parts.


Stock 2 Litre Ford Pinto four banger, 5-speed, '40 Ford r'axle converted to open drive, '40 juice brakes and split wishbones, '32 front axle, '34 steering.

Chassis: Original 28-29 Model A
Wheels and Tires: Kelsey wires with bias belts
Body & Paint:

Mixture of original panels and some Brookville ones.

Paint? Er, that's brushed Rustoleum on the frame...

Interioir: Green pleated worn and distressed leather recycled from an English 1933 Lagonda that was in my friends upholstery shop for a re-trim.
Lifestyles: Old-School