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"400K"     2003 Ford Excursion

Introduction / Overview:

This 2003 6.0 Ford Excursion Limited was ordered new as a black truck, with tan leather interior and driven continuously ever since by it's original owner- me.  As it approached 200,000 miles I decided it was time to make changes that would allow it to run for another 200,000 miles, hence the "400K Excursion" nickname.

Drivetrain: The drivetrain is essentially stock, although a tuner from Edge Products was added, as well as a stainless steel exhaust system from Magnaflow.  My wife hates the way it sounds now and my kids think it sounds like a jet engine everytime they hear the turbo spool- perfect.
Chassis: The stock suspension was removed and the standard V/B spring swap was done, along with new shocks and a steering stabilizer from Rancho.  Hellwig sway bars were also added.
Wheels and Tires:

In the non-salt seasons, the truck rides on 20-inch BMF S.O.T.A. wheels, wrapped in BF Goodrich Rugged Terrain T/A tires.  In the salt season, the stock wheels go back on, along with a set of BF Goodrich Commercial T/A tires for winter traction.

Body & Paint: Bedliner...pretty much everywhere there used to be paint.  I have some issues with it and hope to get sponsorship at some point, so I will refrain from naming names.
Interioir: The interior is stock, although panels on the driver's seat have been replaced locally and will continue to be replaced as needed.
Lifestyles: Off-Road, Diesel Performance