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"The 54 Sold"     1954 Buick Special Deluxe

Introduction / Overview:

Mostly stock and untouched. Found in Gilbert in a back yard. It took verry little to get it on the road. But I have been chipping away at if for a while, and it is now a daily driver.

Drivetrain: 322 Nailhead with a 2 barrel. Straight Lake pipes with plugs in em. Stock Dynaflow tranny.

Dropped about 3.5 inches. Front coils have a wrap and a half cut off. Rear coils are from a 65 Olds f85. New shortened links made to put the lever shocks back into the "sweet spot"

Wheels and Tires: Stock wheels and caps, G78 15 coker classics.
Body & Paint:

Original paint, whats left any ways, with some pinstriping by Chapin.

Interioir: Blankets.
Lifestyles: Old-School