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"Miztress"     1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Introduction / Overview: clean and simple low and fast
Drivetrain: new motor for 09 383 short block scat crank h beam rods forged pistons gm proformance fast burn heads full rooller valvatrain all the goodies girdels double srings and again cut out the cam bearings for full roller neddle bearings gm/mercruiser marine intake 32 lbs/hr injectors the same old vorteck v-1 with a smaller pully so im hoping for 17lbs/boost
Chassis: custom frame cab back nothin real fancy 4 link all painted body color and smoothed now tubuler one off front aarms
Wheels and Tires: 22or 24's depends on how far we are driving and mood
Body & Paint: blue suede and flaked roof! nothin new for this year same looking truck

black fiber glass and paint

leather and suede

all fosgate system pioneer nav

65 impala ss center counsle

new door panels for 09 leather and a sude with a touch of billet

Lifestyles: Build-It, Drive-It, Show Trucks