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"Mclaren M8B Replica"     1976 Manta Mirage

Introduction / Overview:

Ever since I watched a Can-Am race as a kit, I've always been fascinated with their essence. Gross HP to weight ratios, and quicker than F1 at the same track just added to my fascination. So my last build will be a 90% home-build McLaren M8E replica.

Drivetrain: Construction only began 6 months ago (Jan-09), so parts are still being sourced, designed, and fabricated. One of the few "over-the-counter" systems will be the use of a 930 transaxle due to its ability to handle 500 HP without any recorded issues.

The chassis will be a highly modified Manta Mirage frame. The back half of the frame, front quarter, and both sides have been cut off and replace with a different configuration to allow my own design for suspension, cooling, fuel, steering, and storage. In essense, 75% of the frame has been redesigned and replaced.

Control arms are fabricated along with mounting plates and pick-up points. Coleman racing along with UB Machine has been the source of much of the components used in the fabricated arms.

Wheels and Tires: Not yet determined but my current plan is to use Image wheels with a center-lock design.
Body & Paint:

The body will be a heavily modified Manta Mirage that will have the nose shortened by 10", the doors modified to match the rear engine cover, and the top removed completely.

Interioir: Still undetermined, but I plan on making this a right-hand drive.
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