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"Kiwi"     1969 Manta Mirage

Introduction / Overview:

This is basically a scratch-built replica (visually) of a McLaren M8B (without the wing). Only about 10% of the original Manta Mirage (seat tub framing and some pieces of the original body panels) exists in this rendition.


LS2 with a stage II cam, Holley HP EFI, and a pretty much home-built 8-stack ITB set-up. The ITBs are throttle bodies from a Chrysler LHS 3.5L motor. These are 48mm Holley pieces that are attached to a highly modified Edelbrock Pro-Flow intake that was cut up on a table saw, and then welded back together with other various pieces to allow it all to work. Headers are homemade units as well. 

Transaxle is a Porsche 930, which is inverted. This provides a nice low CG for the engine, but also requires the use of a dry sump system (Dailey Engineering) to keep ground clearance acceptable.


Complete fabrication using aftermarket bits and pieces to resemble the design of the sports racers in the era. The front uprights are Corvette C4 pieces, while the rears are completely fabricated units utilizing micro-stub bearings from McKenzie's. Steering rack is a center-pinion Porsche 911 manual rack.

Wheels and Tires:

Image wheel from the UK supplied the wheels, which have 245/50R16 front tires, and 335/34R17 tires at the rear.

Body & Paint:

Fiberglass body of which is about 80% fabricated, with the remainder pieces (rear vents, front wheel arches and vents) included in the bodywork. Paint will be a modified version of Fiat "Arancio Narciso" (519A), or to the eye, orange.


Fabricated dask and dash cover. The OEM Mirage seat tub has been extensively modified to allow coolant plumbing down the middle of the car as well as under the passenger seat, and access panels in the back of each seat.

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