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"67 Camaro RS SS 540"     1967 Chevrolet Camaro

Introduction / Overview:  My wife and I made a pact when we got married in 87 that we would one day buy a 67 Camaro.  In the winter of 98 we were able to do just that. After a few months and a small fender bender we were in need a cosmetic make over.  We were able to enjoy the Camaro for quite a few years before it need a mechanical overhaul.  With the help of many friends and family and 3 years of hard work we were able to complete our Camaro once again.  Completed in September of 09 we are now enjoying our Camaro once again.
Drivetrain:   Schafroff built 540 c.i. produceing 700 horsepower harnessed by a McLeod clutch and a viper prepped Tremec 6 speed.  Running thru a custom built driveshaft into a DSE built fad 9. 
Chassis:   Frount subframe and suspension is all DSE.  Subframe connectors are weld in and are also DSE.  Rear suspension is Eaton 2 inch droped leafs with DSE mimi tubs and offset shackels.  Brakes are Baer disk on all four corners with electric power assist. 
Wheels and Tires:   Wheels are Bose 17x9 on frount with 18x11 on the rear.  Running Michellen Pilots on all four corners with 315 30s on the rear and 285 40s on the frount
Body & Paint:   Body and paint was completed by Matt Myers with Kandy Shop Creations in Mesa, with airbrush art done by Gary Crisp.  Color is House of Kolors true blue pearl with a custom mix of House of Kolors silvers and grays that make up the accent color
Interioir:   Interior was started by Lux Interiors but the owner Jeriamy passed away before it's completion.  It was then completed by Andy Weaver with Tooter Weaver uhpolstery.  The consule was built by friends and I as well as modifications to the back seat.  Stero was installed by Kar Tunes in Tempe
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