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"pass with care"     1935 Ford Pickup

Introduction / Overview: 1935 Ford Truck (Owners built) Mike & Margie Nelson, Windsor Co.  "" FOR SALE ""
Drivetrain: 239 51 8BA flathead Right out of a ton and 1/4 farm truck 48K mi. Has not been rebuilt . Just cleaned & dressed her up with intake ,2 holley 94s & some crome (not much)  Install S-10 5 speed with asto van 4X4 11 inch clutch. Ford 9 in. narrowed with 4;11 gears
Chassis: 37 ford frame, rust repaired ,Boxed, new inner crossmembers. 35 4 in. drpped axle. vega steering. Oregenal front spring perch cut and rased 2 1/2 in. oregenal rear spring perch V cut and flattend rased rear spring perch 4 1/2 in.. Home built Hair pins and ladder bars ,also 2001 lincoln LS front sway bar installed over rear diff. realy help in the corners. Frame shotened 8 in. at back of cab so i could take 8 in. out bed at the front. and 4in. was taken out back of bed. No frame Zing.
Wheels and Tires: 35 ford 16 in. wires front  450 X 16 Firestone .  17 in. ford wires, rear. With 2 in. added to rear of rim to widen rim. 700 X 17 Firestone.
Body & Paint:

Cad choped 6 in. Canneled 6 in. front & 3 in. rear, to help with rake look. lower part of rear window, lowered 2 1/2 in during chop. So i could have a biger mail slot. Grill is a 39 Plymouth with 4 1/2 in. cut from upper area. Bed was shortened 8 in. front 4 in. rear

Interioir: 51 Ford Truck Dash 2 tone in color ,radio c/d mp3 player in glove box. 67 Mustang seats Vintage 30s heater box
Lifestyles: Old-School