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"The cool windows car"     1992 Subaru SVX

Introduction / Overview: This was my first car since I couldn't afford a '97 2.5RS. I wish they still built 'em like this. She's 16 years old and still has a higher quality feel than lots of the new vehicles I get into.

OE Drivetrain is a 4AT

MY drivetrain is a 2002 WRX 5MT transmission, custom rebuilt, by yours truly, with JDM STi gearset. Pedal assy, trans. crossmember, shift linkage, driveshaft fitment, master cylinder mounting, etc. all done, again, by yours truly. Still somewhat of a work in progress as I have to re-do my original crappy trans crossmember.


Magnaflow 2.5" catback


Koni strut inserts

Custom springs to lower and account for weight difference of 5MT


Wheels and Tires: Right now it's got OE 2006 STi wheels, but that'll change after she's painted.
Body & Paint:

 Original color was "ebony pearl"...basically a black with red metallic flake. Looked pretty sweet.

Just completed spraying a BC/CC flat black combo.  The basecoat is an Audi black with silver flake...I don't really think it qualifies as black now that I've sprayed it, more of a very dark metallic gray.  The clear is a satin effect.  Now I just have to complete the front bumper, hood, trunk lid, mirrors, and door handles!


Seat swap for alcantara seats from other SVX models.

Alpine type R speakers all around, Phoenix Gold 75x4 RMS amp, Kenwood HU.

Lifestyles: Restorer