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"Alice "     1980 Pontiac Trans Am

Introduction / Overview:

This is Alice, my latest adventure in restoration and my first mild mod street car. Mild mod in the sense that the car is slated to continue to use it Pontiac 301 for a power train. This car came from the factory with a Turbocharger and a whopping 200 hp and 345 pounds feet of torque. The 301 is not Pontiacs best venture in performance, but it wasn't supposed to be. Pontiac wanted to save weight  and did it by building an internally shallow block and crank, and greatly shortening piston connecting rods and deck height.

This car has already begun the journey back to the street. Thanks to E-Bay and several other comapnies, I will make the car a Y84 "Bandit" S.E. edition.

Drivetrain: 301 Pontiac with a turbo 350 transmission and a 3:42 posi rear.
Chassis: Stock chassis
Wheels and Tires:  Wheels to be determined during the build. Ideas are, newer snowflakes 17's and 20's, The new Wangers Ralley II, or possibly a set of stock WS6 snowflake wheels.
Body & Paint:

Factory Starlight Black with the Y*$ gold stripes and hood bird

Interioir: Black, all stock including a CB radio.
Lifestyles: Build-It, Drive-It