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"67 Barracuda"     1967 Plymouth Barracuda

Introduction / Overview: Work in progress...  Bought the car in fall of '06.  The car was all there and ran good for a junker.  With the rust and dozens of body cracks, it was ready to fall apart.

Was: 273 V8 w/3 speed on the column and 7.25 rear end. 

Will be:  408 Magnum, Tremec TKO600, and 8.75 rear.


Relocated rear springs to make room for some bigger meats.  Homemade subframe connectors.  Front disc brake setup from 70's A-body.

Wheels and Tires:

Torq-thrust II 

16x7,  225/50/16 front

17x11, 315/35/17 rear 

Body & Paint:

Added mini-tubs and removed a lot of rust and dents.  Paint is Lexus Matador Red Mica.



Lifestyles: Build-It, Drive-It