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"The Coupe"     1933 Ford Coupe

Introduction / Overview:

My dad bought this body the year I was born with the idea that someday he and his kid would rebuild it together. In 2001, we swung it down from the attic and made plans for it to be driving the year I graduated from college. Well, ya know how life gets in the way of the really important things?

In the early part of 2007, several events made us reprioritize and progress busted along until May. In the Fall of 2007, progress spiked again, and we reached major milestones nearly every week. We started 'er up in May of 2008 and put 3,000 miles on it over the course of that summer - including a hydrolocked engine which bent a connecting rod on the 2008 Power Tour after a down pour of rain.

Over the past few years I’ve grown to appreciate my dad on a level that’s hard to explain. And while I see more clearly his impact on the world around him, I have to believe that this project has allowed us to bond on a level only possible in a garage. Years from now, when we look back on this coupe, it will be impossible to separate it from our time together.

  • 350 Small Block Chevy
  • 290 Horsepower
  • Borg Warner 4-Speed
  • 9" Ford Rear End
Wheels and Tires:
Body & Paint: The current primer includes a hardener in it for some extra protection while we drive the bugs out. 
Interioir: The bench seat is from a mid-90's Dodge mini-van we found at the junk yard. It fit perfectly, and after adding tracks from a little truck, it's adjustable. We have a long way to go before we get a nice professional interior.
Lifestyles: Hot Rodder, Build-It, Drive-It, H.A.M.B.