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"Little Louie"     1983 Ford F250

Introduction / Overview:

Ford Louisville semi truck cab (LN9000 is what I was told, I think it was a gas burner so it may have been an LN900 ???) on a 3/4 ton frame with dual wheels and a flat bed.

Drivetrain: Rebiult old 460 police interceptor hopped up for towing (mid this case, he's got a STEE-EE-EE-EEP R/P ratio)(like 4200 rmp @ 75mph...can you say help me Gear Vendors Overdrive unit?), C6, BIG dana (60?/70??)
Chassis: '83 f250 frame, one ton suspension, widened MONO beam front end (on coils with radius rods)...actually very rides nice.
Wheels and Tires: Six of them...steel with Stainless steel simulators, six tires as well great tread, dry rotted badly. He'll get new ones for spring (maybe very tall ones in the rear to scrub some of that nasty LOW gear ratio!)
Body & Paint: Pretty faded and weathered, little rust but not much. He will get paint in the spring, along with body work and interior spruce up. I am toy-n with the idea of building a side kit and tarp/bows for the deck. I would remove the mini sides in the pic. and have a mini "covered wagon" know the steel hauler's trailers. I will install on board air so the seats and horns work as well. I also plan to add MANY more "chicken" lights and make him look like one of those big "large car" fancy trucks, he'll never be a Peterbilt, but he can look just as nice as one !!! He will get a custom designed door logo (kind of like dodge's lil' red exp.) that somehow incorperates my kids names or their initials. color will still be bright red and black, or orange and black (Harley racing colors).
Interioir: Big Rig accept for a very TALL lokar shifter, spring ride center seat, and driver and passenger air ride seats, HUGE steering wheel, ugly cobeled together dash (insturmentation) color is black.
Lifestyles: Build-It, Drive-It, Show Trucks