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"Live Wire"     1931 Ford Model A

Introduction / Overview:

I started to built Live Wire in 2006 with some of my close friends who happen to be excellent builders and together we built a period correct 1958 show car. My goal was to build a car using old chrome and as many original parts I could find. I wanted the car to look like I found a old show car that was built in 58 and I just restored it... I get old guy asking me all the time where did I find it.. hahaha I tell swap meets and ebay.. But ya we found the body on a farm in Texas with chickens living in it.. it was already chopped and leaded so who knows where its from.. The rear end was out of an old Hot rod as well.. I think using these original parts gives the car soul.. and Live Wire has allot of it...

So during the build I Documented it and released a DVD about it called Mad Fabricators Volume 5.5 "The Live Wire Chronicles"

Get it here:

And the reason we call it Live Wire is cause we listened to allot of

Motley Crue!! 


1952 331 Cadillac

Staggared 4 X 2 Edelbrock intake + Holly 94's

knuckled Valve Covers


56 Pontiac Rear 


Custom Frame built by Bob Bleed Merkt - AceHoles Inc.

it has the "Bleed Sweep in front and Adjustable rear spring perch  

The Front Axle is an early Dago that was chromed in the 60's

early for brakes with old Chrome backing plates

old chrome wishbones


Wheels and Tires:

Front Tires 5.60 X 15

Rear Tires 7.00 X 15


Front Chrome  Early Ford 15 X 6

Rear  15 X 7 Reversed and Chrome in the 60's for a show car and never ran.. 

Body & Paint:

Paint is  a 2007 Toyota Camery Ice Blue with Pearl highlights 

and Darker Fade on lower half of car.. Blue face Stewart Warner Gauges ion the fire wall 


It was painted by Donnie Barid of Imperial Customs 


Diamonds and Pleats By Dave Martinez of Martinez Custom Upholstery

Dash is a 58 Edsel with sun gauges and the wheel is out of a 60's boat 

Lifestyles: Builder, Restorer, Old-School, Hot Rodder, Street Rodder, Custom Rodder, Build-It, Drive-It, Classics, H.A.M.B., Show Cars