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"Velvet"     1961 AMC Rambler

Introduction / Overview: Here's my 1961 Rambler American Wagon. I purchased this June of 2006. She's a total project, but dry as a bone! The name comes from the porno book I found inside called "Velvet's Vibrations". It was printed in 1971.
Drivetrain: Nothing yet, but I'm gonna... do one of about 7 ideas I've had. Lately it's all about the GASSER style. I'll use a Nissan V8 for the "Ameripan" theme or go with a big or small block Ford.
Chassis: The front is now alot of nothing. I need a straight axle.
Wheels and Tires: I can't decide if I'll use black steel wheels with WWW's or the Radir wheels shown in the pictures.
Body & Paint:

I haven't decided on the color yet, but I know it'll have a silver or white metal flake top. The only custom tricks will be the shaved door handles.


Interioir: I'm going to use all the stock seats including the stock front bench. Have you ever seen how a Rambler seat reclines to form a bed with the back seat?
Lifestyles: Builder, Street Rodder, Custom Rodder, Build-It, Drive-It, H.A.M.B.