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"Blue Craig"     1963 Ford Falcon

Introduction / Overview:

Why Blue Craig? That's what my kids call it plus I plan on painting it blue.UPDATE! It's not going to be blue anymore, as you can see. What do you think? It's GOLD baby!!


200ci inline 6cylinder that is stock as far as I know. I think it's from a 78 Ford Fairmont. Single barrel carb but has a long tube header on it. n

The trans was going to be the infamous 4 speed Dagenham, but now I've decided to put in T5 five speed. I have it already and there's parts you can buy to adapt the T5 to Ford inline 6 cylinders.


I have the stock 4 bolt suspension on it with springs cut in the front and 2 inch blocks in the back. No plans to change to 5 lug, at least for now. This ones just a cruiser. It could use some more brakes though!!

Wheels and Tires:

Stock 13 inch "peachy orange" steelies... those are gonna be red.

-That's what it had!
Now it'll run black powdercoated 14" steelies with 4-lug chrome spider caps. Just gotta get the tires.

Body & Paint:

The paint isis a stock Dupont color I have written down somewhere with some gold pearl over the top. There's 7 stripes that run down the hood and onto the roof. Those were a custom idea from my friend Brian at problemchildkustoms.com


Ick. I want to fix all this, but I need to get the rubber seals fixed first so the car doesn't leak all over the place and let in every kind of dust that blows! I'm pretty sure I'm keeping the bench in front unless I have a pair of buckets fall into my lap.

Lifestyles: Builder, Old-School, Build-It, Drive-It, H.A.M.B.